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Press: 360 Stretch on The Curvy Fashionista 4-27-2016

Press: 360 Stretch on The Curvy Fashionista 4-27-2016

April 28, 2016

Looking for the perfect pair of plus size jeans, can at times be a challenge… I know! I know! So when you find an amazing pair, always get two of them. But today, we are here to share some really cool news! If you have been a premium denim fan, then you and have been familiar to SVOBODA denim. No stranger to the blog, we have featured this collection a few times and I am really hyped to share that SVOBODA denim is back with 360 Stretch!

SVOBODA launched in 2004 as a small collection of women’s plus size premium denim (sold at department stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Saks 5th Avenue), and is back with their own “360 Stretch Knit Denim” that combines the look of denim and the comfort of knits in a number of styles, washes & fits. This fabric combination offers a “super-soft brushed knit feel that hugs your curves while delivering multi-directional stretch and high recovery properties.”

SVOBODA’s 360 Stretch Knit Denim is a super-soft brushed knit that “hugs your curves and delivers multi-directional stretch with high recovery properties. On the surface, they appear similar to other premium denim jeans, but as soon as you put them on you realize they are different.”Is that right? Okay, SVOBODA… you got my attention!  

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